Castle Tarps

Do you need help making the right choice?

How do I decide what to buy?
The most important factors that you should consider when deciding what type of tarp to buy are as follows...

1. Delivery Time

Going camping tomorrow?
Got a leaking roof with a big storm coming?

You probably don't have the time to wait for a tarp to be made so it's probably more a case of getting the most suitable stocked item available that can be shipped to most major urban centers by the next day.

2. Budget

Have a Party coming up?
Only need a tarp for 2 weeks until the job is finished?

Stocked Poly Tarps are much more cost effective than Custom Made, PVC & Canvas - for example a 3.6m x 5.4m in 240gsm Poly is $54.00, the equivalent size in PVC is $320.00! So if the Poly will serve its purpose then why spend the extra dough?!

3. Specifics

Do you need to cover an area exactly so it will fit an existing structure? Even though we have a massive range of sizes available off the shelf, we may not have the specific size that you need-particularly odd shapes that may be long and skinny and may have to be custom made.

Also, you may desire white or beige because it matches the rest of the house, Orange to match your corporate colours, Black to stop sunlight getting through etc. You may also be the only one the tie down the tarp so don't want something that you can't lift by yourself!

4. Durability

All tarps will eventually break down- some much quicker that others which may be an important factor to you because you don't want to replace it every 3 months due to wear and tear.

You may want to choose Canvacon - Australia's leading brand of Polyfabric or a heavier PVC that can be easily repaired.