Castle Tarps


What are Poly Tarps (PE)?
In a basic sense, Poly Tarps are made by using a nylon fabric which is then coated by a Polyethylene resin. U.V treatment is also added to help protect against sunlight. Poly tarps also have rope reinforcement around the perimeter.

What are PVC Tarps?
PVC tarps consist of a strong woven polyester fabric which is then coated with a Polyvinylchloride to waterproof.

How are they graded?
The base nylon fabric is graded by the "Denier" which indicates the size of the filament or yarn. The higher the number the heavier the fiber. Secondly, the density of the weave per inch or "GAUGE"; For example, light duty tarps are 8 x 10 gauge, meaning 8 strands horizontal by 10 strands vertical. Thirdly, the thickness of the coating or lamination. Commonly, Tarpaulins are graded by the "GSM" (Grams per square metre) this is the total weight per 1 square metre of fabric.

What is the difference between Poly, PVC & Canvas Tarps?
In short PVC is much more durable than Poly. It is more wear resistant and has a life of around 6 years in the sun before the coating will begin to harden and crack. The other advantage of PVC is that they can be easily repaired with a hot wedge welder and PVC cements and glues. The advantage of Poly compared to PVC is that it is much lighter and cheaper by comparison. 

The main advantage of being much lighter is we can make large sizes of Tarps (such as 18 x 18m, less time used tarping up as well as less joins!) Having less tarps for a large application area also means less tie down time and loss of productivity! Canvas is by far the strongest and tear resistant of the three materials. However it is also the most difficult to repair (as it has to be stitched), does become porous after time and is the most expensive.

How does your range compare to other Tarp Retailers?
Our tarps are manufactured to strict guidelines to ensure quality & durability. We only use 100% virgin Polyethylene in the production of our Poly tarps unlike other majors which use cheaper recycled material that deteriorates much faster and is easily concealed with Black colouring. Our Heavy Duty and Premium grade tarps are also treated with U.V resistant resin which we guarantee a minimum of 18 months for the Heavy Duty and 36 months for the Super Heavy Duty.

Some imported rubbish only last 3-6 months in the sun before they deteriorate! Our Heavy Duty and Premium Poly as well as the 450gsm and 600gsm PVC Tarp ranges have reinforced rubber corners for extra strength. They are laminated on both sides and are double seamed and hemmed with P.P rope. Each tarp has brass rust-proof eyelets approximately 900mm (3') on all sides which are reinforced with a triangle patch for added strength. *Sizes quoted are cut sizes with all tarps approximately 100-200mm shorter finished.